Working with Big 3 to Make Great Videos

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When the company I work for decided to go into a new direction with our marketing campaigns, I was pretty excited. I had suggested that instead of advertising through direct mailings, that we instead make a video that is so fantastic that people can’t stop talking about it. I had heard of a company called Big 3 that is able to create magical videos like this, so all we had to do was decide what sort of video we wanted. I knew that we just needed an idea, and they would be able to help us with the rest of it.

We had a huge production meeting so we could toss some ideas back and forth about the message we wanted to have in our video. We definitely wanted it to be informative, but we also knew that humor had to play a huge role in it too. We looked at some of the videos that Big 3 had made for other companies, and we were most impressed with the ones that had a touch of humor in them. Thinking about the videos that we all like to watch ourselves, we knew that we had hit on the right combination.

When we met with the team at Big 3, they had a lot of questions for us. We had not even considered some of the things that they asked, but we were happy that they did. They wanted to create the best video possible because even though it was for our company, it was a reflection of their company as well. Between their talent and our ideas, we were able to come up with a series of videos that have received such a positive reception that we only wish we had gone this route much sooner. I have a feeling we will be working with Big 3 for a long time to come.

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