Luxury Apartments in Tampa Florida

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I remember living in my uncle’s basement when I turned 18. It was close to the university I was attending. He lived a couple of states away from where I grew up. Dad suggested I give him a few bucks for rent and save a fortune on trying to rent an apartment close to campus. I was definitely not into the dorm thing. That was a few years ago. Probably more than a few actually. Now I have a place in Altis highland Park. It is a far cry from my uncle’s basement. I have put in countless hours doing intern jobs and even flipped my share of burgers while I was in school. Now I have some things to show for it.

I did not want to wait until I had every loan paid off to get a nice place. I am saving for retirement and my bills are all paid on time. I drive a nice but affordable car, and I have a really nice apartment. You would think that I am paying a lot of money to rent it, but it is incredibly affordable compared to what I have paid to rent far less quality. One of my fraternity brothers has an apartment that I call a closet close to Wall Street. He pays way more than I do to rent his closet. I am so happy my job is down here in Tampa, Florida. I am getting a whole lot more apartment for my money than he is.

I save a fortune just not having to have an outside gym membership. I can work out here, swim here, enjoy the big park, and there is even a dog park if I decide to one day get a puppy. I could not do that right now with all the hours I put in at work. This place is top notch. I really like Florida living, and I really like my luxury apartment. I would not want to live anywhere else.

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