I Hired Not One but Two Executives

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Finding the right person to fill an open position seems like it would be easy to do, especially in today’s market. However, it is much harder than I would have ever expected if it is done in the traditional way. I advertised and had one of my management team members comb through the applicants to be interviewed. No one seemed to be the right fit though. There were some applicants who seemed adequate enough, but I wanted something beyond adequate. I figured I needed to look into executive search marketing to see if there was better luck to be found there.

I am so glad that I did this. To put it even better, I am so glad that I went with the headhunters that I did. I know there are lot of companies out there that provide this type of service, but I also know that there are some that are better than others. I took my time looking over the different companies, and I was really happy with everything I found out about one not too far from where my company headquarters is located. I was able to read all about their services as well as their success stories.

I had confidence in their ability to find me the person I needed for my position after reading their stats. I explained what I needed, and they got busy trying to find the perfect match. I shouldn’t even say trying, because they did find me the person I needed. I was able to interview a few people that I would not have even known about otherwise, and something incredible happened. I was just hiring for one position, but I was so impressed with two of them that I hired both on the spot. That is a talented company when they give me more than what I expected!

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