A Two Bedroom Apartment in Denver

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When I started looking at Denver apartments, I thought that I was perhaps in over my head. I knew that there are a lot of complexes here, but I was completely surprised by just how many. For someone who has a hard time deciding between pizza or burgers for dinner, the decision I was faced with seemed daunting at best. Thankfully, I picked a great apartment complex to look at first, which is the Gables. It is not that far from where I teach school, which is the main reason I looked at this one first before the others.

Every time I had driven past it, I really liked it a lot. The grounds always look so well kept, and the buildings always look so clean too. I have a second job that a lot of people don't know about. I write romance books during my down time at school, so I wanted to find a two bedroom apartment. I wanted to have one bedroom as my home office when I am writing or thinking about different plots. I don't do well when I mix my book life with my home life, which is why I wanted to be able to close the office door and walk into my living room without a second thought.

I was able to look at the floor plans for two bedroom apartments. I only need one bathroom, and the kitchen and living room can be any size, so it was really easy to find the apartment that I wanted to get. I have a lot of extra perks with it too that I was not counting on, which makes it an even better bargain than I thought at first. I am going to move in over the summer break, so I won't even have to interrupt my teaching job!

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