Set Up the Man Cave Today

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Of course this is really just the basement, but I sank a couple thousand dollars in a pretty good entertainment system and I got a kegerator too. The TV is a pretty nice Samsung, and a really big ticket item as well. At least it cost me a great deal of money. I had the satellite dish and Directv Nfl Sunday ticket already, but this is going to be a bit like a sports bar. I already had a smaller tv down there and I think that I shall put it in the other other corner. That way you can keep one TV on the Red Zone channel and that allows you to keep up with the action. I am not really sure how confusing that will be, but obviously they have sports bars where you have dozens of tv's set up all over the place.

I know this one bar where you can go in there early in the morning and see people from Europe drinking beer for breakfast and watching the English Premier League soccer matches. Of course the time is like five hours ahead of us in London, so at seven in the morning here they might be kicking the ball to start a match over in England if it is a Sunday or a Saturday. Of course I would just as soon have a channel where they updated all of the scores at the same time. I wonder what sort of ratings that would get. Obviously if you could flip back and forth to it, a lot of people would do that. They could flick it there to see the score they cared about in between plays. It would be pretty nice to have your own scoreboard in the man cave and that is what I am thinking.

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