Working with Big 3 to Make Great Videos

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When the company I work for decided to go into a new direction with our marketing campaigns, I was pretty excited. I had suggested that instead of advertising through direct mailings, that we instead make a video that is so fantastic that people can’t stop talking about it. I had heard of a company called Big 3 that is able to create magical videos like this, so all we had to do was decide what sort of video we wanted. I knew that we just needed an idea, and they would be able to help us with the rest of it.

We had a huge production meeting so we could toss some ideas back and forth about the message we wanted to have in our video. We definitely wanted it to be informative, but we also knew that humor had to play a huge role in it too. We looked at some of the videos that Big 3 had made for other companies, and we were most impressed with the ones that had a touch of humor in them. Continue reading “Working with Big 3 to Make Great Videos”

I Hired Not One but Two Executives

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Finding the right person to fill an open position seems like it would be easy to do, especially in today’s market. However, it is much harder than I would have ever expected if it is done in the traditional way. I advertised and had one of my management team members comb through the applicants to be interviewed. No one seemed to be the right fit though. There were some applicants who seemed adequate enough, but I wanted something beyond adequate. I figured I needed to look into executive search marketing to see if there was better luck to be found there.

I am so glad that I did this. To put it even better, I am so glad that I went with the headhunters that I did. Continue reading “I Hired Not One but Two Executives”

Real Estate Appraisal Points out How a Dream Deal Was a Bad Deal

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Everything was looking great for the property we wanted to buy. It had both a residential home that was beautiful and a large commercial building we could use as our shop for our family business. It seemed like a dream property for us. We called in the help of a company that does real estate appraisal in Sacramento for the full inspection and research of the property. Things looked great upon a cursory visual inspection of the place, but we knew better than to just trust what we saw. This is why every buyer of real estate needs to get a trusted appraisal.

The price was not high for the place, but it was not low either. It was right in line with what we expected if there was no issues with the property. The inspector was very thorough and found things that other inspectors may have overlooked. Continue reading “Real Estate Appraisal Points out How a Dream Deal Was a Bad Deal”

A Two Bedroom Apartment in Denver

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When I started looking at Denver apartments, I thought that I was perhaps in over my head. I knew that there are a lot of complexes here, but I was completely surprised by just how many. For someone who has a hard time deciding between pizza or burgers for dinner, the decision I was faced with seemed daunting at best. Thankfully, I picked a great apartment complex to look at first, which is the Gables. It is not that far from where I teach school, which is the main reason I looked at this one first before the others.

Every time I had driven past it, I really liked it a lot. Continue reading “A Two Bedroom Apartment in Denver”

Luxury Apartments in Tampa Florida

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I remember living in my uncle’s basement when I turned 18. It was close to the university I was attending. He lived a couple of states away from where I grew up. Dad suggested I give him a few bucks for rent and save a fortune on trying to rent an apartment close to campus. I was definitely not into the dorm thing. That was a few years ago. Probably more than a few actually. Now I have a place in Altis highland Park. It is a far cry from my uncle’s basement. I have put in countless hours doing intern jobs and even flipped my share of burgers while I was in school. Now I have some things to show for it. Continue reading “Luxury Apartments in Tampa Florida”

Seeing an Old Friend Online

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I love living out in the mountains of Colorado. There’s a lot of snow, which makes it great for skiing, which I do a lot of during the year. I live in a fairly rural area where everyone in town knows everyone else. A close friend of mine lives a couple of states over in a big city, and I talk to him occasionally on the phone. He always wanted to video chat with me, but my poor Internet connection couldn’t handle it. Once I got Hughesnet rural Internet in Colorado, my circumstances changed and I could finally video chat with him.

When I did my first video chat after getting a new Internet connection, my friend was surprised to see that I had grown a beard. When we used to hang out, I always had a clean shave, but over time, I got tired of shaving and buying razors. I just invested in an electric razor and now I only trim the edges of the beard and just let it grow out. I was surprised to see that my friend had shaved all of the hair off of his head. He told me that he was starting to go bald, and didn’t want to have bald spots or patches in his hair, so he just got rid of all of it.

My friend and I had a pretty good laugh at the change in our looks. I told him that he looked like a famous bald boxer, and he told me that I looked like some kind of gruff mountain lumberjack. It was good to finally see my friend’s face after so long. Maybe one day he can come to Colorado and do some skiing with me, or maybe I can visit him in the city and do some sight seeing.

Set Up the Man Cave Today

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Of course this is really just the basement, but I sank a couple thousand dollars in a pretty good entertainment system and I got a kegerator too. The TV is a pretty nice Samsung, and a really big ticket item as well. At least it cost me a great deal of money. I had the satellite dish and Directv Nfl Sunday ticket already, but this is going to be a bit like a sports bar. I already had a smaller tv down there and I think that I shall put it in the other other corner. That way you can keep one TV on the Red Zone channel and that allows you to keep up with the action. Continue reading “Set Up the Man Cave Today”